IMA House, 1-Narendra Vihar, Ballupur Road, Dehradun

About IMA

Indian Medical Association (IMA) is the Largest Represented Organisation of Doctor's of Modern System of Medicine in India which looks after the interests of doctor's as well as the well being of the community at large. It has a Membership of 3.5 lakh Doctor's spread over in 28 States.

Branches, 5 Union Territorial Branches and 1702 local Branches in almost all the districts of India.

In Pre Independence Era there were Associations of Doctor's at few places in India. But in one of the doctor's conferences, it was discussed that all these Associations of all these doctor's should continue functioning under one Association.

In 1928, the name Indian Medical Association was coined, since then the Indian Medical Association has traversed a long path and has contributed substantially during the freedom struggle.